How to use babyweights

There are many ways you can use the cards. You can base your workout on time, category or exercise preference. You can also fit it into your regular routine; you’ve no doubt paced the floor trying to settle your baby. Why not perform walking lunges instead to get the same effect while giving you the added benefits?

Warm up
Put on some funky music and have a boogie with your baby. Pull out your mama moves! If dancing is not your thing, put your baby in the pram and go for a walk. Walking with your baby is great, both for your physical and mental health. The fresh air will also do wonders for both of you.

How many exercises should I do in one session?
Full body workout: Select two to four cards from each category.

Category workout: Select as few or as many from one category as you have time or energy for. I suggest you perform the relevant stretches in addition to the chosen category. Of course you may choose to do a stretch-only session, which is always beneficial.

Random workout: Shuffle the deck and randomly pick six to 12 cards, depending on your available time.

How often can I do babyweights?
The number of exercises you do in each workout, as well as the style of workout you do, will have an impact on how often you do babyweights. I suggest waiting two to three days before repeating the same exercise.

Does the order matter?
The cards are numbered separately for each category. The order is intentional, however it is not vital that you follow this sequence.