Mums multi-task their way to fitness

Mums multi-task their way to fitness

I have been spending a fair bit of time on the internet lately (I call it research) and a common theme mums all over the world are blogging about is “how can new mums find the time to exercise”?

Most of us know that exercise has many proven benefits for mothers. A few of these include regaining pelvic floor muscle function, enhancing strength and flexibility, losing baby weight and even reducing the risk of postpartum depression. But between taking care of your baby, supermarket shopping, cooking and cleaning, all while sleep deprived, most mums say they can barely manage the occasional walk, let alone a fitness regime.

Or can they?

With winter over, and an internal desire to feel great for the warmer months, let me help you lose the excuses, get motivated and get moving!
By this I don’t mean you need to commit to long sessions in the gym or even long exercise sessions at all. What I am proposing is achievable for EVERYONE! We have all heard of snacking when it comes to eating, let’s transfer this concept to exercise!

Most mums don’t have a spare hour or even half hour to do an exercise program, so instead break your exercise program down into multiple sessions of 5-15 minutes, with a goal to accumulate 30 minutes a day.

Of course, with the arrival of Spring there may be days you get out for a half hour walk, but for those days you just can’t find the time, why not give “exercise snacking” a real go?

It’s proven how good mums are at multi-tasking, well here are five exercises you can do without putting any extra time aside:

1.When you find yourself pacing the corridor trying to settle your baby use your time effectively by doing walking lunges or even squats

2. When you’re sitting on the floor with your baby and not sure what to do with him or her, try some push up kisses

3. While you are waiting for the bath to run do tricep bath dips

4. Do calf raises while washing the dishes

5. Hold your tummy muscles in while at red lights (make sure you don’t hold your breath at the same time)

It doesn’t get much easier or time efficient than this! These are all easy exercises to apply to your daily routine


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7 thoughts on “Mums multi-task their way to fitness”

  1. Lisa – what I great perspective to offer Mums … snacking!! I have just done my first Mums & Bubs session at the local park this morning and can see how “snacking” would really help me stay motivated and keep the momentum during the week.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback Linda. Feel free to share the link with your mummy community and help get the mamas moving! Hope you are enjoying the babyweights exercises! Keep me in touch with how you’re going.

  2. What a fantastic article – you read my mind! I am always feeling guilty about not doing enough exercise and really it is so simple to incorporate it into my crazy hectic life. So thankyou!

    1. Your welcome Sarah. I’m so glad you found the article useful and hopefully it has motivated you to squeeze in some exercise whenever you can. Sometimes it takes some easy ideas to get us started! Be sure to post any good ideas that work for on babyweights facebook page and help motivate others. Even post some pics!
      Good Luck! -Lisa Entwisle

    1. Thanks Alli. To answer your question, yes it all helps! If you are tensing and holding your tummy muscles in, it will produce muscle contraction which in turn will increase your ab strength. Don’t expect a six pack but you will train your muscles to be functionally stronger. Ideally you will combine these with a more intense workout, but us busy mums have to fit it in when we can. I plan on writing a blog on isometric exercise(static muscle workout) soon, so stay tuned!

  3. Some great tips Lisa that certainly make exercise a little more achievable. I try to do a 15-20 minute power walk a few times a week with my two kiddies in the pram, though sometimes I don’t get the chance or they spend the whole time crying making me turn back sooner. These are at least achievable and will make me feel a little less guilty on those days I don’t get out :).

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