about babyweights

babyweights is a deck of expertly devised exercises that help you get back into shape without time away from your baby. Convenient, cost effective, playful and creative, babyweights provides both physical and emotional benefits for mums and babies.

babyweights offers upper body, middle body, lower body and stretching exercises to give you a well- rounded workout. It caters for all fitness levels and is the perfect way to look after yourself and your baby.

about the author

Lisa Entwisle has a bachelor degree in Applied Science majoring in Health Promotion and Human Movement. During her 19-year career she has instructed postnatal fitness classes for mums and bubs and managed corporate gyms and health programs. She has produced health related newsletters and booklets and has written and delivered workshops on topics including women’s health, fitness, healthy eating, work-life balance, sleep, stress management and maintaining energy levels.

Lisa lives in Melbourne, Australia and is the mother of Amelia and Oliver.

welcome note from the author

As a mother of two, I completely understand the new challenges and priorities that come with motherhood. Finding the time and energy to exercise is certainly one of those challenges.

With a genuine interest in postnatal health and the impact pregnancy and mothering has on a woman’s body, I started a business (mummy and millie) in 2004, instructing postnatal mums and baby fitness classes. While the benefits of these classes were obvious, some mothers found it difficult to commit to set class times due to the realities of motherhood. After 6 years of taking classes, I knew I needed to come up with a way of helping mums achieve their health and fitness goals in a fun and functional way without particular time constraints or time away from their baby. So I began to work on my new baby…babyweights. I am proud and excited to see babyweights hit the market in June 2012.




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